Around the World [Cup] in 30 Days world cup logo Like millions of people around the world, we watched the World Cup matches unfold. People around the world tweeted and clicked through to news, updates, and more.

We collected tweets from the twitter API (twitter also created their own visualization) that used worldcup hashtags (such as #worldcup and #copamundial), extracted the URLs, and plotted the click traffic on a world map.

Each frame of the video is approximately one hour. The color ranges from white (low traffic) to dark blue (highest traffic), and is normalized by click count per country.

You can see the peaks in the US vs Ghana and Brazil vs Netherlands games and, most intriguingly, the immediate lack of traffic in the Netherlands after losing while the attention in Spain persisted through the next morning.

This effect is clearly visible if we zoom in on Europe:

If you want to relive the final, dramatic game, we loved this recreation of the final moments in LEGO:

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