Welcome to data@beta!

At betaworks, our focus and expertise lies in understanding and leveraging the real-time web to create superb products, great API’s and profitable businesses.  With tens of millions of daily bit.ly decodes, Chartbeat pings and messages on Twitter, the amount of data that flows into betaworks-backed companies is staggering.  We at betaworks understand the tremendous value embedded within this data and are consistently mining the data to create and improve new products, features and ultimately, entire business lines.

The data@beta blog will serve as our outlet to share interesting insights that we have gleaned from our data, as well as provide a small window into the way in which we use data to enhance our businesses.  Topics and goals range from general market overviews to data-driven recommendations designed to enhance one’s business to posts devoted to fun, interesting, or simply wacky subjects.  We’d love to hear your feedback as well as ideas for what you’d like to see on the blog.  Feel free to email us at data at betaworks dot com.

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